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Create a Portable Portfolio

Create a Portable Portfolio of Your Artworks for Mobile Promotion

Creating business cards for your art business, is a no brainer and artists have been using deals like the one offered at Vistaprint for 250 Premium Business Cards for $10. Shipping Included for years. Or at least you should have been! Dont worry, its still an option if you need it.

But a single business card isnt the best way for an artist to promote themselves. Im sure you have a great graphic (although, Artist Business Cards are surprisingly usually quite dry in my experience) and if you can talk up a client or buyer it does the job just like it would for any other business.

But your still going to be limited to a single image, many artists present many skills and styles. In some scenarios it would be convenient to be able to show off one of your portrait pieces, in hopes of grabbing a gig, or perhaps you want to show off that album cover art, ore really ideally , wouldnt it be cool to just be able to carry little facsimiles of ALL your works with your contact and site info, right on the card. With a traditional card that could be quite expensive.

Thats what makes Moo cards my new promo tool and suggestion for any artists or webmasters out there. In a single package of cards you can get as many different designs as you like. You can upload as many images as cards you are printing. The price isnt quite as cheap as the standard Vistaprint deal but its quite comparable and it beats making little ATC's yourself.

They also carry some off format options, the ones pictured above are their mini cards. About half the width of a standard card. Great for having a unique card but can also be used to create tags for crafts or to put into your etsy packages.

The Basic cards run a little under $20 for each 50 cards you get in standard size. Mini-cards run about half price for $20 for each 100 double sided cards. Keep in mind that these are double sided cards and Moo cards does only heavy gloss stock or a green option. So, prices are right in line with any premium card option except you get the awesome option of carrying mini versions of ALL your work right in your pocket.

Look over their options here at Moo Cards

I ordered two sets for my sample of the product. In the first combo, I made three copies each of  ten of my favorite personal paintings. I made ten featuring my company logo and for the additional ten I had fun and used photoshop to make collages of my artworks and play with textures and colors.

The other set was really fun for me, it was a first in one portion of my business. I run tons of websites. Sometimes, I would like to interview people or offer advertising opps to people offline. I was able to make unique cards for almost all of my websites! I used the image side for the url, logo and a pithy slogan and the backside had my master generic info. With a little creativity, Im sure you can come up with dozens of reasons to make moo cards.

You may also be excited by their sticker pack options, but Ill showcase those in a future post after my order comes in.

100 different cards

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