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The Artistry and History of Wine infographic
Brought To By, Purveyors of Fine Wine and Champagne

The art of winemaking is one that inspires true passion. My first exposure to wine was at art gallery openings and I always connect the memory of fine wines with my memories of fine art. As always, we like to point out that artists exist in so many layers of our society but often the artistry is overlooked. From wine labels and bottle design to the fine vintages that winemakers create, wine is truly an artistic field. I grabbed this fun graphic from


Bringing your Craft Business Online

The creative arts extend farther then many first imagine. Its obvious that a "painter" or "sculptor" is pursuing a career in the arts. But, its easily overlooked how often a creative mind is needed in businesses that may not at first glance seem to be arts driven.

Even fast food companies have artists on staff, designing food, creating images and marketing and selling the products.

In the fashion industry, an artistic eye is a must. High end Furriers have been equated with luxury and beauty for years. Many of these businesses are steeped in tradition and craftmanship and are often held back by changes in norms and fashion and how things are promoted.

This does not describe, ML Furs in Denver. This furrier and specialist in fur vests quickly recognized the importance of embracing the world of online commerce and created one of the premier online shops to find fur jackets for sale

Even with nearly 60 years of experience in the offline world, these artists and tailors recognized the importance of moving forward with changes in technology and culture. This leaves zero excuses for our younger artists who came up in the digital world.

They even televise football games on Saturday and Sundays ... hows that for keeping with the times!

Best Book of 2012 for learning how to be a Professional Artist

The Profitable Artist

Learning how to be successful as an artist is surprisingly not a very big part of most artists education.

It is of course, running a business and requires skills outside of simply creating impressive images and artworks. One must figure out how to set prices, where to market their works, how to take advantage of their local opportunities, perhaps secure grants or other loans and funding sources.

There is quite a bit more to it then simply hanging up a shingle, thats for sure. We cover many methods of promotion here at and I try and read and review all the resources I come across. I can say that this particular tome is the best i have yet to come across. Its very comprehensive and covers all the aspects of building a business focused on the creative arts that I have ever imagined and more.

This doesnt come as a surprise as it was built as a collaboration between the NYFA and ArtSpire. As a New York based Artist I frequently have been enriched by information and services offered by the NYFA and this is no exception.

I do recommend this book. Stay tuned for further reviews based on this resource as I am still avidly reading it and pursuing the opportunities it provides.

The Power of Social Media in Modern Marketing

Search Engine Marketing Firm
Via: Wpromote

We often go over the power of spreading your message and art across social media here at . The internet has opened up a great new world for anyone who is willing to put forth the effort of promoting and sharing their arts and causes. Often, we use art to help further awareness of our causes.

In the past much of marketing effort were invasive and direct. People had to opt in and provide information and yet still would often feel invaded when direct mail offers or phone calls occurred. But with the internet people actually intentional decide to be parts of causes, trends and industries they enjoy or need. Social Media is a perfect example of this. Using Facebook, Twitter and newcomer Google + are great ways to access the stream of interested parties that may be interested in your causes, arts, and products. The best part being they actually want to participate in this manner and you arent consistently being blocked by invasive methods.

Its worth your time to learn more about Social Media Optimization

Canon cameras for around $200

Often the importance of creating a digital portfolio of your work is highlighted or referenced at this site.

Creating a digital photo of your media is a quick way to digitize and open up the opportunities offered by the print on demand industry and allows you to begin merchandizing rather than being forced to part with originals that cant be replaced.

When this site began the cost of a decent digital camera was still prohibitive but now one can purchase a 16mp! camera for under $200.

With prices like that one must have a digital camera in their business toolbox.

Some of the best options we have found for canon cameras under $200 are:

Canon Powershot Elph:

The Elph is a 12mp camera with a 4x optical zoom and a cool blue color option. Reviewers often speak favorably of the large digital viewing screen and video quality.

It can be purchased for only $179!

Canon Powershot SD780

The Canon Powershot sd780 is another super slim , high megapixel selection from canon that also comes in an exciting color: red!

It is 12MP has a 3X optical zoom and can be purchased for as little as $159.

Canon Powershot A3300IS

This is a 16Mp camera that can be purchased for under $200!

It also has a 5x optical wide view zoom and comes it at $159!

Make a Side Income with Competitive Poker

As an artist Ive always been drawn to certain exciting crowds and means of earning that are time independent. One great way to do get a little of both at once is via playing poker games. Im not talking pick up games in the dorm room but rather big stakes games with serious players. Funny thing is, Ive never been that great of a player myself, but I can bluff with the best of them which has earned me some big pots. Over the years, I've lost touch with any fun games since Im ove around quite a bit and have left poker behind. Recently, a client showed me and that excited me. I hadnt realized that online poker was so advanced. Ive just started getting back into the game and am really enjoying the various skill levels and risks levels I can experiment with during online matches.

Many people refrain from gambling and that is fine, as great fun can be had in the chatrooms and practice rounds too. Ive had an opportunity to talk shop with some really high ranked players and am happy to have a taste of that part of my life back again.

It is important to read over the finer details at any of the sites though, some offer sign on bonuses, special deals during time periods and all sorts of money saving tricks if you take the time to look into your options.

Seeing the magic of Mary Poppins on Broadway

Guest post written by Olivia Gibbs

I think that one of the most fun things that I've ever done is gone and seen a Broadway play. By now I've seen a few and they're just so entertaining! Well, I want to share that with my family too. My grandkids had never seen a Broadway play before, so I thought it might be fun to fly them out and see one on our dime. Besides, grandparents are supposed to spoil their grandkids.

When I started looking up flights and tickets for this Broadway play, I ran across the site Once I looked through it a little bit I showed it to my husband and we scheduled appointments to get fitted with some hearing aids.

Out of all the plays, we decided that Mary Poppins would be a great bet. Sometimes you never know if certain plays are going to be family friendly but it ended up being just perfect for us to go and see. It brought back all the great memories I had of watching the movie when it first came out and how much I loved it.

Zach Gilford's Stellar Performance in "The Son"

My favorite TV episode is from season four of Friday Night Lights. It's called "The Son," and it is the episode where Matt Saracen finds out that his father has been killed in Iraq. Zach Gilford's performance is the sole reason I love the episode so much. I feel that he deserved an Emmy nomination just for his work in that episode alone. There is a scene where Matt goes to the Taylor's house for dinner after viewing his father's dead corpse. Matt breaks down as he talks about how he put all his hatred on his father so that he didn't have to direct it onto anyone else. It broke my heart for him to admit that all of his hurt was fixated on his own father, a deceased man that he could no longer blame for the problems in his life. I wanted to reach into the TV and save Matt from his issues with Julie and his family. When he burst into tears, I nearly cried with him.

Friday Night Lights is a show that's been overlooked for so long, and I have no hope that it will ever get the recognition it deserves. It's in its fifth and final season now. I watch it on the 101 Network via my It will re-air on NBC sometime later this year.

Native New Yorker

Native New Yorker
Guest post by Gerard Mcdaniel
As a native New Yorker, I’m used to paying inflated costs for everything. When friends or family visit they constantly remark on the cost of coffee, of bread, and of dinner. They comment on how expensive everything is in New York. They’re absolutely right, of course. New York is an expensive place to live. What they don’t grasp, because they don’t get to spend any real amount of time in my great city, is that the costs are absolutely justified. This is the greatest city in the entire world, and I would probably pay most any price to be able to live here. Obviously I don’t have as much expendable income as many of my friends who live elsewhere, and I am smart about saving money wherever I can. A little known fact is that us New Yorkers have the ability to control how much we pay for our energy rates. You can take a look at New York Electricity Rates and find a new provider with more affordable rates! It’s the easiest way in the world to save money; you make no changes at all to your daily life. What could be better than that?

Protect Your Model Skin : Facial Toning Exercises for Art Models

Acne Light Treatment
Via: Tanda Skincare

 Its not unusual for younger artists to take advantage of the good pay afforded by figure modeling. The sense of rebellion and freedom it speaks to, probably doesn't hurt. But, it is a select few models who get to claim a long run in figure or photo modeling. When one begins to make an actual living based on their physical form and features, it becomes imperative to care for that figure in the best ways possible.

In the more extreme end of the spectrum that leads some models to require professional acne removal  but at the very minimum daily stretching, staying hydrated, avoiding over-exposure to the sun and performing simple facial toning exercises like the ones highlighted above can do a lot to extend the mileage on your canvas!
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