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Best Book of 2012 for learning how to be a Professional Artist

The Profitable Artist

Learning how to be successful as an artist is surprisingly not a very big part of most artists education.

It is of course, running a business and requires skills outside of simply creating impressive images and artworks. One must figure out how to set prices, where to market their works, how to take advantage of their local opportunities, perhaps secure grants or other loans and funding sources.

There is quite a bit more to it then simply hanging up a shingle, thats for sure. We cover many methods of promotion here at and I try and read and review all the resources I come across. I can say that this particular tome is the best i have yet to come across. Its very comprehensive and covers all the aspects of building a business focused on the creative arts that I have ever imagined and more.

This doesnt come as a surprise as it was built as a collaboration between the NYFA and ArtSpire. As a New York based Artist I frequently have been enriched by information and services offered by the NYFA and this is no exception.

I do recommend this book. Stay tuned for further reviews based on this resource as I am still avidly reading it and pursuing the opportunities it provides.

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