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So your wondering how to make money with your art

So your wondering how to make money with your art?

1) Digitize your Portfolio

I will assume you have a good collection of finished pieces
and you have them digitally captured as a portfolio. These images are saved in .pdf format and .jpeg format.

If you dont have this done yet, It should be your highest priority, take shots with the best digital camera you can get your hands on and crop and edit the digital pictures. On smaller images do a direct scan. If you just cant handle taking photos yourself, try to recruit a student or friend who is a photographer, try using Craigslist to find or hire this person.

Your best bet for editing is Photoshop, but if you had that then that step would have been old news for you.

My recommendation,a program that I still use myself for quick edits, has a great image cataloger interface and easy edit features is Googles, Picasa Program. Its free, it incorporates directly to mail and has a web album and embeddable slideshow feature

Get it here: Picasa 3

2) Create a Web Presence:

You will need an online base of operations, I suggest multiple. So go ahead and get yourself a myspace account, a facebook account and a deviant art account. This is your minimum.

Join Myspace
Join Facebook
Join DeviantArt

No matter what you want these as promotional and networking tools, in short to get your art out there.

Be sure to give yourself the exact same username on each site, whether it is your own name or a business name that you create for yourself.

You really should have your own domain (a web address) i.e. , they cost 7.50 a year and will absolutely be the easiest way to tell people to look at your art, buy from your stores or see your next gallery showings.

I use GoDaddy for all my domain purchases:

Domain Sale! $7.49 .com at GoDaddy

Because of their 7.49 deal, setting up a domain is very easy.(the deal is only though partners like me, if you go to their page directly its 9.95)

There are a bunch more sites we will sign up for, but this will suffice for now.

So you now have a web presence, reserve the domain and forget about it for a little while. Focus on developing your free profiles, your artist, make them visually appealing, SIMPLE in Design, and make sure all of your art is posted. We will work on techniques, and do and dont's in later columns.

SO at this point people can find your art online contact you and request to purchase work or commission your skills, not nearly good enough and you will just be one of millions but your better off than most.

People like to pay online with respected processors, just sending you checks or money in the mail wont fly with most, and will totally remove the all important impulse buy.

So How do I get paid ?

Well your best bet is a Paypal account, its respected and you can get paid instantly.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

With a Paypal account you will be able to place buy it now buttons near items you offer, or services you sell. You will also be able to invoice customers via email, including ones who work with offline.

Congratulations you now accept Credit cards! Now your twice as Professional as most of the artists out there, you can bring a laptop to any of your shows and directly charge customers on the spot.

What am I selling?

Good question, Personally I hate selling my originals and I rarely do it, so I sell prints instead, but if you really want to make a profit, think like the music industry, the money is in merchandise! At my shows I sell a couple of prints to art collectors, but the the major sales is T shirts, wall clocks, mousepads etc. (Those are my top sellers) that everybody (not just art collectors) have a desire for.


Get a free POD account (Print on Demand) T- Shirt Store

Spreadshirt gives you a T shirt store with its own unique web address, remember to use the same username as all your other pages. Now you can link this store to all your pages and possibly get sales online, keep your prices low, dont get greedy.

I buy in bulk from myself at a discount then sell high in person at shows, $25 looks cheap for a t-shirt compared to a $500.00 painting!

You also want to be able to create and market merchandise like mousepads, clocks, posters etc. using the same type of service.

You should now have 6 marketplaces/profiles with your works and items available for sale. All with the same name, so they can be easily googled by interested clients and word of mouth contacts.

This will be the end of this installment for now. Remember you are a business! Keep good organization of your sites, have a good professional contact email and check it regularly. Keep your art supply costs low! Try buying off of ebay , definitely get a dick blick catalog, cheapest retailer I have found so far, especially if you grab from the clearance collection.

Free 624-page Art Supply Catalog! - Online Art Supplies

Shop on eBay for art supplies:

eBay will take pages to explain but it is also an excellent resource to sell and buy from.

Research ACEOS, ATC's - quick, light,salable works for eBay

Networking and Networking thats whats going to get you the exposure that will lead to sales!

Why Picasso outearned Van Gogh

Job Hunting Tips

Job Hunting Tips

Are you a fresh graduate and planning to look for a job? Did you just recently quit your job and are looking for greener pastures? Are you unemployed and have little experience regarding ways to secure a job? Whatever your situation may be, it would be to your advantage to study the following tips:

Check your resume for mistakes

Before submitting your resume to a prospective employer, check your resume for corrections at least three times before handing it over. After researching about the job position, it is critical that you format your resume to match the needs of the company. For example, if you are applying for an accounting job, you should put in detail your accounting experience on your resume. Typographical and grammatical errors are serious no-no's. It is also ideal to keep the length of the resume' to at least a page and a half long.

Taking the interview challenge

A survey conducted by a staffing and consulting firm based in California which corresponded with 1,400 chief financial officers concluded that candidates for employment made most of their mistakes on their interviews. Some of the mistakes they made include: arriving late, having little knowledge about the company and the position applied for, and having a superiority complex and behaving arrogantly. The body language of the applicant must also denote that he is confident yet not overpowering. He must maintain eye contact, have a strong handshake, and avoid looking defensive by the act of crossing the arms. Wearing the right clothes is crucial for projecting a confident stance. As they say, it is better to go to an interview over-dressed than being under-dressed.

Answer questions smartly

A common mistake of interviewees is that they tend to get tense and forget the questions that are given to them, which has the effect that they are not prepared for the interview. It is important to research about the company and the position applied for to prevent being side-tracked during the interview. If you do not know the answer to the questions being asked, it is better to admit you don't know the answer to the question and add that you can research about it. Look for the skills or expertise that the company is looking for so that when interview day comes and the interviewer asks about your strengths and core competencies, you will be able to match it to what they need.

Getting the necessary referrals

Having a referral from one of the company employees can go a long way toward landing an interview. A typical company may receive job applications in the hundreds and usually 35% to 60% of all job vacancies are filled by referrals. The odds of getting hired when you have a referral are very high if you have another 200 to 500 applicants vying for the same position. If you do not know anyone from the company that may give you a referral, it is a good idea to the alumni network of your college, trade groups, social networks, and professional associations. Remember, having a referral greatly increases your chances of getting the position.

On online application

With the current trend of technology and its merging with business processes, more and more companies are now requiring prospective applicants to submit their application online. Thus, first impressions are relayed not by your first appearance but by the quality and content of your e-mail. E-mails regarding job application should be polished and well-articulated. When applying on-line, use the following tips:

Complete your sentences and do not abbreviate.

Employers do not like when you send them application letters that seem to be too casual. It is important to make a letter that is both formal and well written. This gives a good impression regarding your capabilities and skills.

Get directly to the point

When writing an application letter, you must be concise and straightforward. Do not put a story on the letter just to get the attention of the employer, chances are he or she will just get irritated with you and this only reduces your chances of getting hired.

Consider potential issues that may hinder you from getting the job

Although there are instances wherein there is a lot of need for a job but the requirements for the position may entail training programs that may bar you from getting the position due to its highly competitive nature. Some require a lot of experian even at least 3 years of work experience. Some may have no barriers to entry but the job itself may entail a very routine work flow.

Getting the job you want may be a challenge but never lose hope. It is better to wait a while and get the job that you will enjoy rather than get a job as soon as possible but ending up dissatisfied and unhappy. Make the right decision then act on it.

I want to make money from my fine art

I have scored the web for years reading other peoples journeys, here is one suggestion. I try and fix grammar, and sometimes the question was originally in another language and always I share the original link

Q: Help, I need some money. Whatare the best sites I can use to create commissions or market to target buyers? Please dont tell me "ebay". I need advice on what's popular, and what to sell, that is,do people pay for their portraits?do people want professional detailed hand-painted Pop Art, I personally prefer to not make the crappy computer generated art that seems to sell well on eBay?

Answer: You can sell your work in galleries, you can, for example, paint in a pop art style, this is very popular if you do a little research about Galleries in your area.. Show them what you can do and you will be surprised by the number of people who would like to sell your work for you, they will also advise you about prices, and themes that are popular right now. Art like fashion has trends, for example the summer seems to convince buyers to buy bright airy pieces.

Most Galleries take a 30% commission and will help you, as they are partnered with you, Hope that helps.

This is decent advice, take what you can from it

Making money from you art, why we are all here!

How to make money from your art, isnt that what you asked?

Many different searches in life and the internet bring us to this point.
How is one to make money doing what they love...Making art ?

Since we are on the web, we are going to be talking about how to best utilize web resources to make good green money appear in exchange for our creativity and artistic expression.

Below are the top 100 searched terms for art. Ask yourself, Where do you fit in this demand ?

If you seriously want to make money from your art and creativity, you have to begin to wrap your head around the concept that you are now running a business and you must begin to understand and act as if you are.

There are no get rich quick schemes, but there are some incredibly time savers and excellent resources to utilize and yes, even quite a few secrets.

Read below: That is the market, that is what your clients are searching for, which term matches you best?

met art
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1980nail art designs
1960met art babes
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1868tickling art
1829tattoo art
1789deviant art
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1378anime art
1354met art jpg
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1230interesting facts about culinary arts
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566fine art photography
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