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I want to make money from my fine art

I have scored the web for years reading other peoples journeys, here is one suggestion. I try and fix grammar, and sometimes the question was originally in another language and always I share the original link

Q: Help, I need some money. Whatare the best sites I can use to create commissions or market to target buyers? Please dont tell me "ebay". I need advice on what's popular, and what to sell, that is,do people pay for their portraits?do people want professional detailed hand-painted Pop Art, I personally prefer to not make the crappy computer generated art that seems to sell well on eBay?

Answer: You can sell your work in galleries, you can, for example, paint in a pop art style, this is very popular if you do a little research about Galleries in your area.. Show them what you can do and you will be surprised by the number of people who would like to sell your work for you, they will also advise you about prices, and themes that are popular right now. Art like fashion has trends, for example the summer seems to convince buyers to buy bright airy pieces.

Most Galleries take a 30% commission and will help you, as they are partnered with you, Hope that helps.

This is decent advice, take what you can from it
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