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Zach Gilford's Stellar Performance in "The Son"

My favorite TV episode is from season four of Friday Night Lights. It's called "The Son," and it is the episode where Matt Saracen finds out that his father has been killed in Iraq. Zach Gilford's performance is the sole reason I love the episode so much. I feel that he deserved an Emmy nomination just for his work in that episode alone. There is a scene where Matt goes to the Taylor's house for dinner after viewing his father's dead corpse. Matt breaks down as he talks about how he put all his hatred on his father so that he didn't have to direct it onto anyone else. It broke my heart for him to admit that all of his hurt was fixated on his own father, a deceased man that he could no longer blame for the problems in his life. I wanted to reach into the TV and save Matt from his issues with Julie and his family. When he burst into tears, I nearly cried with him.

Friday Night Lights is a show that's been overlooked for so long, and I have no hope that it will ever get the recognition it deserves. It's in its fifth and final season now. I watch it on the 101 Network via my It will re-air on NBC sometime later this year.
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