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Artist Resort: Artists should be financed

The focus of this blog is how to turn your art into money by using the internet, but what if you didnt have to worry about money.

One person is working on her dream to make just such a thing happen.

An artist named Helena Carratala, has taken out a 50-year lease on Mangenguey island in Culion, off Palawan, Philippines, to turn it into an artist’s colony.

She acquired the 50 year lease by working with the Department of Environmental Conservation in creating a book on flora and fauna.

She has been working with local craftsman to create a community based on ecological and holistic views. The resort is being made of natural materials that leave a minimal carbon footprint.

Although realistically your average artist could not afford to stay in such an exotic locale, Helena has optimistic ideals.

She says

“If the world were properly managed, there should not be any reason the poets can’t be financed,” she said. “If the priorities of society were right and value the works of the poet or philosopher, funding should be provided for as with the tiger.”

Patrons and philanthropists would rather support anti-poverty programs than the arts.

“The world sees the arts as a singular item,” Guerrero said. “I don’t. In the big machinery of the world, we need to work on poverty, of course. But the poor people also need to see beauty. It’s not just feeding the poor, you have to feed the body and the soul of the people.”

For further details, contact 0920-954-4457 or 0917-8151313.
or visit the website

All the more reason to start learning how to make money from my art

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