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Using an Affiliate Network: PepperJam Network

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You should be here at this blog as a result of learning how to make money as an artist through the internet. One of the great and yet to be mentioned techniques involves using your creativity and diversifying your offerings via an Affiliate Network

So for starters what is an affiliate network?

An affiliate network acts as an intermediary between publishers aka affiliates and merchants aka affiliate programs. It allows publishers to find affiliate programs, which are suitable for their websites and target audience for the mutual benefit of both parties.

In plain English, it means that you can place ads related to your content on your page and make money from traffic that originates from you and leads to a sale or action on the part of your referral.

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Why PepperJam Network ?

In the course of the last year as Ive made my own transition from in house graphic Designer and fine artist Ive worked with many Affiliate programs and networks. What really makes PepperJam standout is the ease of use that their website entails. Most other networks have a very outdated and many times clumsy interface. The PepperJam site is very easy to use and intuitive. They also attract high quality merchants.
Great evidence of this is eBay's jump from to PepperJam, eBay is HUGE affiliate program that is adaptable to any site, they are now a PepperJam exclusive!

How can I use PepperJam as an Artist to make money?

In this post I'll show you a simple example, lets assume you are a Graphic Designer, you of course have some sort of portfolio site to showcase your work, once you have proven your skills and have a customer satisfied why not continue to offer your services to them by offering a discounted Printing option through your page?

For example:

1000 business cards $39.95 24hr turnaround

That happens to be an amazing price that will blow away any local printers, you could directly recommend the site, send the link in a "thank you" email or just have a printing tab on your site, you will get a percentage of all sales made!

With a little creativity you could be working printing packages into all your design transactions.

Now as an added bonus, PepperJam Network will start your account off with a $10.00 bonus just for signing up through these special links, as long as your a new user, you will get a $10.00 registration bonus.

This is only the first post about PepperJam network, there are many of truly useful tools like the StoreBuilder that deserve further explanation

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