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How to Sell your Artwork both offline and online

As most articles on this site relate to taking advantage of online opportunities to either promote, merchandise or market your art, up until this point, more traditional Gallery marketing has not been addressed.

Our Guide to online marketing techniques and merchandising sources can be found here
at the How to Make Money From My Art Online Guide

Recently, while reading through, a site that allows you to profit from your writing skills I came across this article
which explains the in and outs of both offline and online marketing and sales techniques in a very accessible way.

One thing that he points out, that we have tried to hammer in here also is:

"I get 20 emails a week from artists and designers who are looking to do business and it amazes me some of them don't have a web page of sorts. If there's a website, I'll always have a look, you never know what you might be missing out on! - Andy Harper "

Read the whole article here:

How to Sell Your Art
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