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The Psychology of Color and Selling Art Online

As an artist the use of color is likely to be a strong element in your art. You cannot overlook the fact that color on your web site is just as important. Your art sales may depend on it. We only have a short amount of time, before a decision on whether or not we are professionals will be made.

The first instant we have at presenting our art for potential art buyers is our web page. First impressions are very important. We must make the best of them because we are only allowed one.

Remember this is your store front, and you must treat it respectfully. While good art, customer service, and a high subscriber list, are important to selling art online. Good web page design is just as important. It is just as important as the color choices used in each of your finished art works. It is a good part of the reason why art buyers will bother to look at your art work at all. Regardless of how incredible your art may be, you need to welcome buyers and make them feel at home, while they are there. Or, they will leave.

You can control the mood of your visitors by using certain color choices? This is a simple concept that is very often ignored. Why? As an artist you understand that color in your art can affect the mood of the viewer. It only makes sense that it also controls the mood of the site visitor.

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