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Make money from you art: Draw Tattoos for money

Are you constantly requested to draw tattoos for your friends? Do you endlessly design tattoos designs for yourself that you know you will never actually get.

Did you know that Tattoo artists will purchase your artwork if it is properly formatted and pitched well its news to me too, but apparently a good artist coyuld create his own cottage industry in this field!

Often times, I have drawn one tattoo, then cut it out and placed three large designs on one sheet of A3 and I'd probably do 2 of these and the other 3 in the set of 5 will be smaller tattoos, the mistake though is to try and put lots of detail on your art, when in reality the designs need to be simplified, some tattooists will simplify a drawing down anyway, but if you make it easier for them, then they will be more likely to buy your artwork.

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Tattoo Art: How To Draw Tattoos To Sell

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