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The Artist Life: Why do we create?

Money, Money, Money?

To impress women?

To fulfill an uncontrollable burning desire?

Why do we create?

The pages of this site are frequently filled with tips on how to succeed commercially but hopefully we are all united by the gift (curse?) of creativity that led us to the desire to learn to profit from our creative skills, if only to be able to continue creating.

I was recently reminded of my original motives. You see the art of commercializing or adapting to a market is a creative release in its own for me. So the pages o f this site are often "money, money money," fitting for a site titled "Make money from my art." But, not fitting for my own creative spirit! How about you?

The artist, Mike Lickteig was responsible for this much needed reminder and meditation.

Why do we create Art?

Mr. Lickteig comments on the fascinating times we live in,a time when our works can be instantly assessable by millions.

He asks:

Am I an artist because I have to be? Creativity is frequently misunderstood as a talent bestowed on people that flows through the individual to the canvas, paper, or clay. But I had to learn to be an artist. I had to discover and develop the skills I use to create--a painstaking process typified by long hours and hard work with few rewards beyond the joy of creating.

Read more and join the growing conversation at Why do we create Art?

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