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Moving Woes

Moving Woes
This guest post from Walter Horn
I was really worried when my husband’s job decided to move us to Kissimmee. Even though we have lived in South Florida our whole lives, moving to central Florida seemed so far away from our families. We have four kids and I knew it would be hard to do everything on my own since I am used to having help from my parents and my in-laws. I work from home, so luckily my job wasn’t too much of an issue. The only thing that worried me on that front was making sure I had an internet connection set up in our new home immediately. I started a new career as a blogger and I’ve actually been making a decent amount of money off of advertising. I have quite a few followers but I know that I am new at this, and that I need to keep them interested. I told myself that I had to find a way to post at least once a day, even during the move. Luckily we searched wireless internet Kissimmee and found the perfect solution. We signed up for Clear wireless and I was able to keep my business going seamlessly. I would definitely recommend the service to others in Kissimmee.
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