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The Artist's lifestyle

Frequently, the topic of this site revolves around real world applications of creative marketing techniques and online resources to expand your art business' money making opportunities.

The reason behind most of these writings, has been the experience Ive gained in my own mission to not particularly "make money from my art", but rather to be financially secure enough to devote the time and energy to creation and whenever I see fit.

My own journey is one where I am devoted to gaining a mobile and flexible lifestyle. As my own artistic creations range from writing and painting, to rock sculptures in the deep woods that will never be witnessed by anyone.

Sometimes this can be a lonely path, as having such a different view of what entails success from most can lead to difficulties.

What am I getting at, today I stumbled upon a book, well a person, who very successfully and respectably is living the life that I strive for. I have been listening to the audiobook for most of the day. I am very excited and influenced by this tale (which is uncommon, Im not quick to fall for guru stories).

The book is "The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich"
by Timothy Ferriss

A quick search around shows a very successful blog, seminar videos from the wordpress convention and assorted charities.

So todays post, is about finding inspiration.

I found some today, and it was invigorating
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