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Learn oil painting or Buy Drums?

Why do musicians achieve fame and fortune in their lifetime, while visual artists struggle for notoriety and the financial independence to support their creative endeavors? What makes the Rolling Stones more accessible than Kandinsky?
From Painting Versus Music--The Financial Dilemma by Mike Lickteig

This very well written article theorizes on a topic we talk about a lot here at Make Money From My Art .com. In the present age, a successful visual artist should learn to adopt similar methods
as the music industry. But, as much as the technology allows for us as visual artists to create and mass produce our art and create merchandise and other more accessable products for the modern consumer, we need to hope for a paradigm shift in thought to occur from the consumer side, an increased value needs to be perceived from a digital download or print, so that visual artists can begin to prosper from their works and have the means and motivation to pursue their craft.

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