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Low in Funds? Use recycled materials to create your art

Art supplies are not cheap, and starting and running a business that revolves around art and creation is difficult enough as it is.

I like the idea of making artwork out of recycled material but, there was a time when I did it because I did not have money for art supplies. Today, I try to employ my abilities toward helping the environment but, I think it is a deep seeded part of my nature, to incorporate discarded materials into my work. This is a part of the creative process that is instinctual to artists. I like making something out of nothing. I find it creatively rewarding in ways that purchased materials do not always fulfill. Not that I do not purchase art supplies because, I do.

Countless art supplies are thrown away everyday. Fabrics and textures can be claimed from furniture, frames and old canvases are commonly seen on the side of the road. With creativity, which YOU should be blessed with one should never be at a loss for supplies or inspiration

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