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Picking a Drafting Table

Most artists when considering a full time living from their art have to first work from home.

At first we make due with the equipment we have and turn spare bedrooms, garage or attic space into our functional workspace.

When success does come, we usually want to improve our daily surroundings.

One of my first and most happy additions to my home art studio was my very own drafting table. I have been drawn to them since I was small boy.

Drafting tables ensure that your work is clean and crisp when handed off to the client, who could have seen Norman Rockwells art all their life without making a permanent association between successful artists and beautiful drafting tables?

Drafting tables are surprisingly expensive but one can save a lot of money by using online sources. Ive found that Dick Blick and Surprsingly Amazon have the best prices on teh net for full size drafting tables.

The original drafting tables came during the Industrial Revolution, and were multi-purpose desks where large and complex drawings and plans could be spread out. In early use, they were often in a gentleman's study, allowing for a pursuit of aristocratic arts or interests. As the economy changed and technology changed, so did the use of these tables, which were often also called "mechanical desks" because of the way they functioned. read more

Alvin Workmaster Drafting Tables

Alvin Workmaster Drafting Tables

No matter what the job is or who's doing it, this is the table that guarantees a superior performance! As versatile as it is durable and attractive, the Alvin Workmaster's angle adjusts from the front or the rear of the table, from 0 to 40, and its height from 29" to 46" (from 74 cm to 117 cm). The base is constructed of heavy-gauge steel tubing, and the top is white Melamine with a black banded edge. Some assembly is required. Beneath the top is a 12" (305 mm) wide storage shelf, positioned so that it's easily accessible, yet not in the way.

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